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Zackel is a new type of website builder that lets you put anything anywhere.  Grab a an image from the gallery and put it anywhere you want.  Double-click wherever you want a box, and enter some text. Zackel doesn't try to squeeze you into a template, full of images that aren't yours.  

It turns out it's much easier to just put your stuff where you want it,  instead of trying to deal with all the restrictrions of a template site builder. With the new freedom Zackel gives you, you can build a website the way you would lay out a storefront window: start with a clean area and put stuff where you think it looks best.  

No distracting eye candy

Unlike other do-it-yourslef website builders, Zackel doesn't make you choose from hundreds of templates, full of  dazzling  stock images that distract your visitors. .  Your pages should be simple and clean, with just your content coming off the page to show your visitor clearly what you have and what you can do for them.  This is the best any website can do..

When someone lands on your page they're following a scent. They just want to find out now as quickly as possible if you have what they're looking for.  You want to be totally honest with them and show them exactly what you have and what you do.  They really  don't care about anything else. No one came to see  stock photos. 

Zackel does what other site builders can't

If you have  experience with Wix or Weebly, ask yourself how you would build the Zackel sites above with them.  It's not that Zackel does what's hard.  It's that Zackel uses different technology that makes it easy.  For example, Zackel lets you take the image on the left, below,  to the composite on the right in a few seconds.








I asked Support at a major site builder how I could do this with their site builder. They told me the caption could only go below the image and had to be centered, the colored borders weren't possible, the shadows weren't possible, overlapping images wasn't possible, and the Comic Sans font was not offered in their font collection.   If you're creative, you'll love the way Zackel lets you express your ideas. It's more like painting a website, than building one.

Element independence

A forth advantage of Zackel - and this is a big one -  is  element independence.   The  elements on a Zackel page -  your images and your text boxes -  are completely independent of each other.  You can grab anything and move it anywhere else without affecting anything else on the page. In fact, you can move a whole section of a page by drawing a box around it and dragging the box somewhere else, witout affecting anything else on the page..

Suppose you put the content below on your page:









  Then you wondered if you might get more clicks if the pricing grid was on same row as the bullet list:






The only way to know which version is better is to do a split test, i.e., show one group of visitors one version and another group the other version and see which group clicks more.

But websites don't normally let you make changes like this on a whim.  Typically, you have to tear down the first version  and then build up the second - which can be like moving your water pump from the left side of your car to the right side,  You may decide that's too much trouble, and not bother.  But for reasons no one really understands1 -  the second version may get twice as many clicks.   So you want a website where editing at this level is easy.  Zackel makes changes like this in seconds. 

Can I see some Zackel websites?

Yes.  Click the five thumbnails at the top of the page, on the right and left.  This page was  also  done with Zackel.

               Can I build my own Zackel website?

Yes!  Zackel was designed to be simple so non-technical people could use it. The program is full of        context help and there's a Get Started video. There's  also a clear PDF Reference Manual with all the answers, though you shouldn't need it to start building websites.  Finally, you can always contact us with questions.

.´╗┐If you're worried because there's no template for you to follow, here are a few tips from master, web designer, Tim Ash, that will give you great pages:.

Turn down the volume by eliminating gaudy and flashy visual elements.  Create a Zen-like stillness on your page from which the call-to-action naturally emerges.

Marketese requires work by your visitors.  It forces them to spend time separating the content from the fluff.  Create a hype-free zone on your page.

Create room to breathe with lots of whitespace.  Include enough whitespace for the eye to rest.

Replace generic stock images with specific relevant images.

Too many  items on a page destroys the visitor's. ability to find key information and paralyzes them from making a  decision.

Don't guess at what your visitors want.  Turn your Web site into a dynamic laboratory to find out what they actually respond to.

For more ideas, read Tim's book, "Landing Page Optimization." 

Get started

To get started with a free Zackel account. click the yellow button at the right.   After submitting the registration form, you'll be taken  into the editor where you can start exploring Zackel.. There's no charge to use Zackel. Hosting is $9/mo for each site you build that you assign a domain to. 

 I'm kind of busy now.  Is there someone who can build a Zackel website for me?

Yes, we'd be glad to build a Zackel site for you. The cost for a basic site is  $1200, and we'll show you how to easily maintain the site yourself.  Send us an email at info@zackel.com. 

Thank you for your interest in Zackel.


Steve Adams - Zackel Author


 Web marketing legend, Perry Marshall,  challenged audience members - professional Web marketers all - to choose the more effective ad or headline from a series of 10 split tests. The best got no more than 4  or 5 correct, no better than flipping a penny. 






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